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Wellness is not just the absence of disease but the presence of wellbeing and vitality.

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About Suzee

Suzee Tylee

BA (hons)

Nat Nut CNM Dip

Member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners

Suzee Tylee is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist who trained with the very highly esteemed College of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol. Since completing her training 10 years ago she has developed her own established Clinic Nourish Lancaster in the North West of England where she currently delivers one to one 12 week Gut Transformation programmes to her clients based on the principles of Functional Medicine. These programmes are uniquely tailored for each client but they always have repairing the gut and restoring a healthy micro-biome as the main focus.

Suzee is one of the only practitioners in the area able to offer private functional lab testing to enable very targeted treatment protocols. As well as seeing lcients face to face Suzee is also delighted to be able to offer online support to her patients globally.

Although Suzee is very accomplished at working with a range of diseases, conditions and illnesses her specialisms have emerged as

  • Integrative cancer care
  • Gut treatment and healing
  • Female health and hormone balancing
  • Recovery nutrition- working with those recovering from addiction.

In her own desire to achieve optimum wellness Suzee has emerged as an alcohol free ambassador and has birthed a number of peer led support groups and retreats to help others wishing to attain personal goals in that field. She has also recently joined the charity CancerCare and now offers specialist nutritional support to those living with life limiting illnesses.

As well as being a Nutritional Therapist Suzee comes from a long line of great cooks and is such always in the Nourish Kitchen devising and creating recipes and dishes. Suzee support all food diciplines from Veganism, Gluten Free, sugar free and Low Carb.

Suzee also has a range of fermented products. Her Kombucha is growing a wide fan base and is available to local clients.

Craft kombucha made in the Nourish Kitchen

Suzee passionately imparts the importance of clients taking back ownership of their own health and aims to empower them to do so in her sessions and teachings. She is a firm believer that food is medicine and this is reflected in her deep understanding of the healing ability of plants.

To fulfil her ongoing thirst for knowledge Suzee continues to train and study in her field.

What is nutritional Therapy?– “Its never just about food

Our relationship with food in the 21st century is deep routed and complex. As humans it has evolved over many thousands of years from food simply being used to fulfil a basic survival need to food being interwoven into the fabric of our everyday lives, being used not only for fuel but to celebrate, create, energise, commiserate, self sooth and manage trauma.

Our relationship with food begins in very early childhood and is deepened year on year by emotions, experience and circumstances as well as periods of unwellness. This complex matrix that we weave over a lifetime combined with other factors such as disease, traumatic events, aging, hormones, medications and social poisons is what must be examined and unpicked when we are investigating the drivers of disease and calculating the best treatment objectives for rectifying them.

This unearthing process, looking at the potential causes of disease then looking for the appropriate solution is what defines Nutritional Therapy.

Nutritional TherapyThe treatment and prevention of disease through diet, lifestyle and emotional change..

How does Nutritional Therapy work?

Through careful assessment of physical, mental and emotional symptoms and detailed attention to a patient’s story Suzee is able to evaluate how a person’s medical history, environment, diet and lifestyle are contributing to current health issues.
Suzee then works to identify the underlying causes of symptoms and by devising individually tailored health programmes including dietary, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations can improve functionality of the body’s organs and systems and restore health and wellbeing.

Products and services

Nourish Lancaster’s most popular treatment package is a 12 week “Gut Transformation” which follows the Institute of Functional Medicines 5 R’s protocol for gut healing. That is:

This programme can promote and encourage gut healing and repair. This can be helpful in treating a huge range of diseases and symptoms from chronic skin conditions to anxiety and depression or autoimmune pathology.

It uses healthy nourishing and live food recommendations as well as prescribed supplements to support the plan. I also have access to private labs and can request various tests to assist with diagnosing and treatment.

The Gut Nourishing Hamper that clients recieve on the 12 week Gut Transformation Programme, including a range of live foods to support gut health.

Suzee is fully insured and a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.

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